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How to send encrypted email through Gmail on Chrome

Extension of the (extension) free Google Chrome has allowed us to be sending encrypted email from Gmail to other email services. Then you need to send an email containing sensitive information? Every email sent in the usual way are at risk of being blocked or "hack" before it reaches the recipient.

To prevent this, you can use an extension (extension) Free for Google Chrome called SafeGmail. SafeGmail that allows you to send encrypted emails.

Meanwhile Email is encrypted and decrypted in the browser, so just you and the recipient can see the message body. To ensure confidentiality, email encryption continues to suffer in the outbox of the sender and the recipient's inbox. Email will also automatically expire after a random period of time.

You can use SafeGmail to send email from your Gmail inbox to recipients using any public email services, including Gmail, Yahoo! Mail ...

To install this extension, visit SafeGmail extension, click "Add to Chrome".

When the dialog box "Confirm New Extension" appears, click "Add" button.

After the installation is complete, then a message box will appear. Restart Google Chrome and reopen Gmail page.

You'll have more choice SafeGmail "Encrypt?" In the drafting of the Gmail screen. After you have finished writing the email and enter the recipient's address as well as email headers, select the checkbox next to "Encrypt?", Will appear two box "Question" and "Answer". Enter a question and answer validation that only you and the recipient is known. Click "Send + Encrypt".

Email is encrypted when transferred to the recipient will be shaped like the picture below, the line between the two dashed lines is a line of characters including letters and digits. Copy the characters before clicking on the link "Here" in the "Click Here to access the mail content."

Answer the confirmation and click "Submit" to access the screen that allows decoding email

Mail Decryption screen pops up. Paste (paste) copy of text into the box and click the "Show My Mail".

The content after decryption message displays in the browser window.

SafeGmail also allows you to enter special characters language in email encryption needs.

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