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How to login multiple Gmail accounts at the same time

Sometimes you will have a lot of Gmail accounts, so sometimes it makes you difficult to log in to all of them at the same time. Gmail lets a person can register several different accounts. But, in the normal way, you just need to log in to a Gmail account on the web browser you are using.

Provisions of Gmail, you can sign up for Gmail with unlimited amounts - a person can register and how much property they desired Gmail account also. However, when you have multiple accounts, you will find it very difficult to account login to check e-mail on multiple accounts at the same time, sometimes you will have to log out and then back it out in many times like that, or even to install multiple browsers at the same time, each browser to each Gmail account, then you will feel quite uncomfortable.

So, today, we will introduce Choi you about how to register and how to login multiple Gmail accounts at the same time and also in the same browser. Note that if you do not have t any Gmail account, then please visit this link and sign up for Gmail as an introduction:

From 1: Log into 2 Gmail accounts using incognito mode

Using your browser’s built-in incognito combinated with private-browsing mode can help you to log in 2 Gmail accounts at the same time.
With Google Chrome browser, you can log the incognito mode by opening your browser and press Ctrl + Shift + N
With Safari Mac OS, you can press the up arrow key + COMMAND + N
With Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, you log the incognito mode by opening your browser and press Ctrl + Shift +

From  2 : Log into multiple Gmail accounts using many different Web browsers

With the web browser opens up like that, the Friends logged by a Gmail account, therefore, the web browser bạn, as you sign in with multiple Gmail accounts,
Here be a number in the most popular web browsers:

Google Chrome
Mozlla Firefox

 From 3: Sign in multiple gmail accounts in the same browser

In the first place, you enter the first Gmail account as usual. Once successfully registered, then you click on the icon in the top corner of your account on the right, and then you will see next box containing your account information such as name, email address, logo, ... then you look at the bottom of the box and you'll see the Add account (as shown below). You click on it and you'll be able to log in to another Gmail account. And so you log in to add a different account that you want to sign it added

By the time you use Gmail, if you do want to switch to any other e-mail, simply click on the icon of your account to Gmail will show you the list of the Gmail account that you signed import. Select the email that you want to log and Gmail will automatically log in to the server for you. So, from now on, you can log multiple Gmail accounts in the same browser without having to log out and log in again and again.

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