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Thứ Hai, 13 tháng 6, 2016

Login with Facebook by Email, phone number

Login with Facebook email is the traditional method that the majority of users still use. Will not matter if we logged in to Facebook on a computer or laptop. However, if you use the phone, it is quite cumbersome and time consuming, because you will have to enter these special characters from email.

In addition to more convenient and offer Facebook login option 2, which is the Facebook login via telephone. Refer to the steps below for further details. On the other hand, if not clearly refer logging via Facebook by mail fir

-------------      How to Log Into Multiple Gmail Accounts on the same PC   -----------------


Step 1: From the browser visit address

Step 2: There will display the log frame, you should note the following.

Email or phone number: This is where you will enter your email address or your phone number. In case of no account, please refer to the article by registered Facebook that we have previously provided.

Password: Enter your password when registering.

Maintain log: When a checkmark in this dialog box, you do not have to enter your email and password in the next time.

Then click the Login button to continue access. In the absence of access Facebook, it is likely your password entered incorrectly. Now you need to verify your password.


Step 1: From personal Facebook page to go to the Settings option. Next to move through the Mobile tab. Here you'll see the Add button

Step 2: After you click on the Add a phone, a window will show up with two main information.

Country / Region: Country where your packages are active network

Mobile Carrier: Select the network you are using. Examples here I choose Mobiphone.

Click Next to continue.

Step 3: On your phone go to messaging and texting to send 32 665 F content.

Facebook will respond to the confirmation code via text messages to you.

Your task now is to enter the confirmation code in the box.

Step 4: Quit Facebook by clicking the down arrow and select Log Out.

Step 5: Go back to the login page. Now you can login with Facebook your phone number and know.

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Thứ Sáu, 10 tháng 6, 2016

How to backup your Gmail account

There are many reasons why you should think about Gmail backup (data archive Gmail account) in the process of using a Gmail account or a Google Apps account. Here Vietnam Nis will teach you how to back up and recover a Gmail account, Google Apps when needed.

Currently Google has developed a tool called: Takeout, aims backup for Gmail applications including Mail, Bookmarks, Calendar, Contacts, Drive, Hangouts, Blogger, YouTube, Google Play Books . All applications are backed up, and outputs the most popular formats available today.
Private applications are most interested in the problem that backup Gmail account Mail. With the output to MBOX format quite common and convenient for the recovery (see below how to recover). The limit is 2 GB of backup files for each backup file. You can back up each application, each application for each file. Here are detailed instructions:

1. Go to your Account Manager

Tools can be found at Takeout: Accounts> Data Tools> Download your data. You can go directly to this link or Takeout through this link if you just want to backup mail. You will see a list of applications that allow backup. Next you will select the application you want to backup.

2. Configure option to create copy

Each application will have different options corresponding to that application. Below are two options typical of Letters and Calendar

Google has developed the backup application under Labels to help users with the appropriate options for the Create copy selectively. After selecting the option to complete the application and you go to the next step.

The store will give you the option of compression format (3 types) and 2 options on how to save and load:

  1. Send download link via e-mail
  2. Save the file in Drive so you can download it later.

3. Wait for the file system creation

Creating a system file will be created automatically and notify you when completed. Time for the backup will correspond to the amount of data you back up.

4. Download the file from the Google store

When mail has been created, you can download it via the link are sent or drive, depending on your preference above. In addition you can also check the records you created in this link. You can choose to download or delete it at any time.

When you unzip the download file you will get the backup files in standard format to serve the restoration work.
How to restore and .ics file .MBOX Gmail account?

With .ics file you manipulate: Calendars> Settings> Calendars> Import Calendar / Calendar> Options> Calendar> Import Calendar.
For .MBOX file, you can upload to Gmail in many ways. One way is to use Mozilla Thunderbird mail client (can do the same with Microsoft Outlook). After configuring IMAP for Thunderbird, you install the Add On: ImportExportTools as shown below.

Extension on you can find at this link. You can also set manually, not through search engines by clicking the Install Add-on From File ... to select the downloaded file extension as shown below.

After installing and restarting Firefox go to: Tools> ImportExportTools as shown:

Select a folder any folder in the Local inbox. Right-click, select Import from file Mbox choose option number 2, select the mbox file to import (Note: mbox file name must be consecutive string without quotes).

Perform additional configuration Google Apps account / Gmail to Outlook using IMAP port.

At the local directory has import Mbox file above. Select all messages> right click> Copy to folder> select the folder you want to sync up Google Apps account / Gmail.

Thứ Tư, 1 tháng 6, 2016

Top 10 Gmail Firefox Add-ons

There are many different browsers available, but Firefox has some most interesting plug-ins that work well with Gmail. This shows that you should have a different perspective on Firefox before completely abandoning it for other web browsers.

Firefox Add-ons for Gmail

there are many add-ons various Firefox that is perfect for Gmail. Choose from hundreds of add ons is a difficult task. We've narrowed the list down to 10 in the Firefox Add- ons must have for Gmail.

1. Gmail Notifier
With add-on, you can receive notifications on your desktop whenever you receive a new email in your Gmail account this.

2. Powerbot for Gmail
This will allow you to add Evernote integration into your Gmail. These add-on gives you a way to insert any of your Evernote notes or laptop with a Gmail e-mail easily.

3. Integrated Inbox for Gmail and Google Apps
If you are using mostly free applications available on Google, which added to your Firefox browser allows you to see all of it in a flash through your Gmail inbox.

4. Google Shortcuts
If you want easy access to your Gmail without having to type the URL of the login page to the browser, this is the perfect gadget for you. It provides one-click access to Gmail, but not only with other Google services as well.

5. Hello Sign for Gmail
This added will give you an easy way to open any attachments from your Gmail as well as edit and sign.

6. PowerInbox
If you want to integrate social media your Gmail inbox, you can do so with PowerInbox settings for your browser Firfeox.

7. Gmail management
You will be able to manage multiple accounts with this added as well as receive notifications when new messages received in your Gmail inbox.

8. Email Yourself!
This utility will allow you to email it to yourself through Gmail link of any site you're viewing along with the title and a brief summary.

9. Gmail Settings
With add-on, you will no longer have to open a separate tab to check your Gmail this. With a click of a button a panel with your Gmail inbox will be made available to you.

10.Unread Gmail Favicon
You will easily know how many unread emails you have in your Gmail inbox. This Firefox add also allows you to be notified on screen when a new message arrives. This will help you keep track of all your emails easily.

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