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[Guide] Sort by email in Gmail Labels (Label)

Gmail filter is a tool that helps you search emails in Gmail. Besides Gmail Filters also assist you in arranging an email in Gmail by label. This feature will help you turn into Folders Labels like in Outlook, the e-mail to be sorted into the respective labels according to your defined settings available.

As the habit of many people are using Outlook in Vietnam you can set up each client corresponding to a label instead of each folder as Outlook. And when that email came from customers, and the labels will light up next to the number of emails from clients you have not read it. With this new feature will help you quickly select the email to read in order of priority or quickly know your customers are waiting have returned or not.

Moreover, the Label Gmail you can sort email in Gmail with many more set of conditions: the sender , recipients , subject , Having keywords , containing attachments or not, according to the size and all the time, ... these features will easily sort your Gmail emails in a scientific manner and actively.

Here's how to create a filter (Gmail Fifters) for your Gmail:

Step 1: Configuring email sorting filters in Gmail

To start, you need to define the filtering criteria for the filter. You do this by selecting one or more criteria, manipulation just as you perform an advanced search in Gmail (Advanced Search). From above the search box you click on the small down arrow next to the search button to display blue filter configuration table.

1. Click the down arrow to the right of the search box to open the advanced search box.

2. Select one or more criteria to determine which emails should be filtered.

3. Click Create filter with this search link.

Gmail will filter all emails that meets all the criteria that you have configured filters. The email is filtered to meet "and" the criteria you set. In the above example, Gmail filters all mail sent from "" and the word "budget" appears in the title and the word "report" appears anywhere in the mail and mail it to have files attach. When Gmail received a message that meets all four criteria, it will take one or more actions on a message. It's action ....? That's what we're going to set up in the next step:

Step 2: Identify the actions taken to satisfy a criteria above

Click "Create filter with this search." There will be a lot of options so you can set automatic actions for a message in Gmail satisfy the conditions set above.

If just sort emails in Gmail satisfy the above conditions on the label, "Finance", perform configuration as shown below.

Similarly we will have a configuration for the next labels. After configuration is complete. Whenever receiving mail in accordance with the email filter will automatically be rated as established labels. As shown below we can see that there is an email from Ben Brown 2 marked label "Finance":

When you need to change or edit the settings Gmail Filters. You can click on the Configuration -> Settings -> Filters. Here will be the list of filters you have installed, you can edit or delete them here:

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