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Android SMS sync with Gmail on Chrome

Sometimes you are busy working on the computer and did not stop for SMS on hand to answer the phone. Gtex extension for the Chrome browser is the solution in this case.

About Gtex

Gtex is an extension (extension) handy for the Chrome browser. Combined with MightyText applications for Android, Gtex use your Android phone to send and receive SMS or MMS messages right from Gmail. The interface works just like Gmail Chat, only different in that you are sending the SMS.

To ensure messages are sent and received in sync with Gmail SMS on your Android device, you must install the app for Android MightyText. Here's how.

Install MightyText for Android

Visit Google Play Store and install MightyText for Android devices. When you open the app for the first time, you will be asked to sign in with your Google account and grant application. Then MightyText will automatically display all accounts sync to Android devices.

After installing the application, you will be offered access MightyText web applications to send and receive text messages. Do not try to access the web application, because what we want is to receive and send messages from the Gmail interface. So visit the Chrome Web Store to install Google Chrome Gtex for the computer.

Install Google Chrome Gtex

After installing Gtex, reload the Gmail tab and you'll see the button 'Authorize Mighty Text' button below 'Compose'.

Click that button and Guest authorize access to your Gmail account. Then, the button 'Authorize Mighty Text' button will automatically go into 'Compose SMS'.

When you want to send an SMS to someone, press this button. Users can also attach pictures and send MMS.

You can also customize a number of options, such as using the 'Enter' to send a message (click on 'Yes, pressing the Enter key sends the message.')

Web applications of T & T offers more features such as phone book backup to the web interface and use them to send SMS ...

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