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Gmail app for Android: 7 cool tricks you must try

Email is now an indispensable application in the modern age of each of us. Among all types of email, Google's Gmail is a good selection of people and most people now use it only for the simplicity and convenience of it. However, there are some tips for you to use Gmail gmail for your job becomes easier, but it seems most people apparently do not know it
But first, make sure your smartphone is running Android your latest version of Gmail. So you can do this, go to the Play Store and check that Gmail has a new version, and if you tap on Update to download and install the latest version on your phone. And then later, you can apply some tricks that shares following our question

Merge multiple accounts into one inbox

If you have multiple Google accounts, whenever you want to check another email account, you must log out and then log in to Gmail again. This is a very annoying your right. That is why Google adds Gmail inbox combination. This latest version of Gmail that allows you to view your inbox multiple accounts at the same time and the same browser.

To be able to use this utility, you can add a new account to the menu on the left, just below your avatar. After you sign the proper credentials, all the messages sent to it will appear soon in a public mailbox in the left menu allows the information to be viewed by all of the same mailboxes for a while. However, if you want to see an individual mailbox, and you can switch between accounts by dragging your cursor down to the menu in the top corner.

Quick manipulations

The latest version of the Gmail app for Android, you can simply and quickly favorable. For example, if you want to retain messages, you can simply swipe left or right, or select more than one message by tapping on the image represent different letters each

When a message is selected in this manner, some actions will be appearing at the top of the screen as Archive, Delete, Mark as read / unread. Another option that can be accessed from the menu (an icon with three vertical dots). Go to a specific conversation to choose answered and answered all at the top - right corner of the screen.

Sync messages

You will not receive new messages if your message is not synchronized correctly. To synchronize data, go to Settings, and tap Accounts. And now you'll see the account associated with your device, tap an account to enable syncing.

In the Gmail app, visit the Settings menu, then click the email address to which you want to set up the synchronization. In that case, you can set how many days you want it to sync your messages. If you have problems syncing, try to disconnect that account, and then reconnect. If the problem can not be resolved, you should uninstall and reinstall the app.

Smart Search
The search feature in the application may look simple, but in reality, it is not as easy as you think because it is almost similar to the site. For example, enter "older_than: 1Y" or "older_than: 1d" into the search box to find old messages for 1 year or 1 day in Gmail.

Google provides a list of search keywords in the Gmail app as well as on the website. For example, type in "is: important", it will give you the results of important messages, or "is: starred" to identify letters with asterisks 

Mute Feature

when you're on the road, if you have a notification of new messages, you must open it up to check mail immediately, but this message is not important to you, which is very time-consuming and inconvenient. This problem Google has added a new feature to open web Mute as Gmail app. Messages from senders you selected will not be notified when a new message, however, these messages will be automatically stored in your inbox, and it will be marked as unread .

In order to activate the Mute mode, press and select the message, and then touch Menu to another (three vertical dots), then it will show us a list of your tasks and select Mute . That feature has been enabled. You can still view the messages in the Archive by searching or filtering through the label message.

Auto-advance feature

Auto-advance is a function really of interest to you having to work with multiple messages simultaneously. With this feature will help you all the time savings when storing or deleting a series of letters, the app will not come back again, but that is the mailbox automatically navigate to the next message.

If you want to enable this feature in the Gmail app for Android, go to Settings, then select General Settings, then touch Auto-advance. This time, the screen will display a dialog box that allows you to select the application to be transferred to the new messages, old messages or back to the message list.

“Guide” Gmail to sort mail

Gmail has many mailboxes to classify different types of letters as personal mailbox, inbox, spam ... However, sometimes, some spam still go into your personal mailbox . In order to remedy this situation, you can see the "guidance" to sort mail Gmail.

If you see an important letter is sort of place that you want, you can order settings (three vertical dots) on the right corner of the screen, then select Mark as not important to you . If you see an important message to the spam mailbox, you also do the same as above: in the Settings menu, select Mark important, or not spam report. From now on, Gmail will a similar classification accuracy.

there are 7 tips in the Gmail app for Android devices. hope with this procedure, your work will become more convenient and much faster benefits

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