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2 hidden ways to get more from your Gmail address

New Recently we have discovered some little-known way to use up your Gmail address that you can give you better control over your inbox and it can help you save time and be more and not get a headache. When you select a Gmail address, you really get is "your" In Here are two different ways you can change your Gmail address and still receive your mail:

Please add one plus sign ("+") sign and any combination of letters or numbers on the drop email address of the friend. Example as, name of you is Hikingfan you not set like this: hikingfan @, or you send mail to cũng or hikingfan + mailing
Insert one or one of the dot (".") Wherever in the email address of you. Gmail not recognized companies in the period like names addresses - you just ignore it go too. Example as, if you can tell everyone of you is address, or (We would understand the wrong one existing có lẫn about this of you, but to settle it once and được mà thing for all you Actually im possible to receive emails out all variants with the dots.)

For us, the actual value in being able to manipulate your email address is that it makes it very simple to filter it out of the variations. For example, you can use when you sign up for online banking and then set up a filter to automatically backup and store your email address or label to hiking + bank groin. You can also use when you register for the service and I think they may share your information. For example, I added "+ donation" when I give money to a political organization once, and now when I saw the email from other groups to address, I know how they did get it. Solution: filter to automatically delete.

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