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Get the Emails sent in Gmail, sent emails to cancel gmail

Get the Emails sent or cancellation sent emails is one of the features that are built on Gmail. But if to use it, users must enable it to use. This article we will guide you to turn this useful feature in Gmail, please refer to our article below.

Aimed towards the user engagement and better serve our users has continued referring to the tips Email, in the previous article we show you how to get your Gmail password this article we guide how to regain your Gmail Emails sent.

Gmail is one of the Web-based email service best today, that is why it is more popular to help. Every day, thousands of submissions and receive emails on Gmail serves for work and study. With the "Undo Send", Gmail allows users to retrieve Gmail Emails sent during certain periods when they are errors in the implementation process.

Emails sent to recover in Gmail, cancel Email sent

- Gmail account. If not, you can register yourself an account to use later, Gmail registration process takes place quickly and not very complicated after the registration is complete you can use Google services such as Google +, Google Maps, Google Drive ...
- Web Browser: Using the web browser is famous as Firefox, or Google Chrome CocCoc ... now we have updated to the latest version of the browser, if you do not have either version here already you can dowload the older and use

 STEP 1: Sign gmail -> select the right set Gmail account
In the tool settings gmail, select the gear icon (1) => select Settings - Set (2)

STEP 2: A pop-up window, you select the Labs (3)
In the search box for a lab: Enter the Undo feature Send- Unsubmit (4) => Select Enable (5) (Enable retrieve emails in gmail) => Then click Save Changes - Save settings (6 ) to save the changes have adjusted.

- Gmail automatically log back in, skip to step 3

STEP 3: Setting the Undo Send
After a successful Gmail login, you return to the Gmail Settings window, in the General - general settings you scroll down looking to Undo Send feature (7). Here, you have the choice of 5, 10, 20 and 30 seconds to regain sent emails in gmail. the time in, you will not be able to retrieve any more mail in gmail. Selection, and scroll down to click the Save Changes to save the changes.

After installation is complete, you proceed to check email send Undo Send feature, When sending to other mail you will receive notice as below: => choose Undo (8) to retrieve email just sent.

Notification has regained just sent an email in gmail when users perform cancel sending, usually this process takes place quite quickly.

Thus, we have guidelines for how to change your settings to retrieve email sent out, the way you do, you have 30 seconds to cancel the email that you are not satisfied. After a period of 30 seconds Gmail does not allow you to do that, if you want you can remove the content immediately sent emails with Gmail gadget on the Chrome browser.

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