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Configuring Windows Mail with IMAP

To work with Windows Gmail customers need to set the following steps.

1. In Windows Mail. Wizard pops up if it's your first time you use it; otherwise, simply click Tools> Accounts> Add.

2.  Enter your name, then click Next.

3.  Simply enter your email address complete your RH Smith (, and you press the Next button.

4. You select the input for IMAP server, and then you check 'Outgoing server requires authentication; Click Next.

5. Enter your complete address, email RH Smith ( and Google password, and click Next. Please see picture below to know more.

6. Click on the ray (the checkbox is optional), then you click Finish.
7. You Choose Tools> Accounts> IMAP account, then select Properties> Advanced.
Enter port number '465' next to 'Outgoing Mail (SMTP), and port number' 993 'next to' Incoming mail (IMAP) 'field. Check both secure connection boxes, and click Apply.
Click Close.

8. Check Google's recommended client settings, and adjust your client's settings as needed.

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